Stepanok Christina

IOS developer with Intermediate English level

Key Skills:

Proficient in Swift, SwiftUI, UIKit, MVVM, MapKit,  Swinject, Realm Database, Core Data, and Alamofire.

Excellent problem-solving skills, communication skills, and the ability to work in a team.


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Professional summary

Before development since 2013 I worked as a photographer, retoucher and makeup artist. I made retouch for some Ukrainian printed magazine: XXL, L`OFFICIEL Hommes, P!nk Online, cover story for «Отдохни!». Also since 2015 I taught make-up courses and high-end retouch. I taught everyone who needed it and it's time to move on. Programming was my old dream, so it's time to make it a reality.

Work Experience

Weather Plus

I have completed a comprehensive course on Swift under the guidance of Angela Yu. After course ending I wrote a significant project called the "Weather App", which involved the use of advanced technologies such as CoreData for local data storage, Alamofire for network queries, Swiftlint for code cleanliness, and SwiftGen for localization generation. Additionally, I utilized Swinject for dependency injection, and implemented an MVVM project architecture that incorporated abstract layers such as Router, LocationManager, NetworkRepository, API, PersistenceContainer, etc. 

Throughout the development process, I placed great emphasis on maintaining code cleanliness and adhering to best practices. To ensure the success of the project, I collaborated with my husband, an experienced iOS developer with three years of industry experience, who acted as the project manager and designer. Together, we were able to create a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing application that showcased my skills and knowledge of Swift development.