Stepanok Ivan

IOS developer with Intermediate English level

Key Skills:

Proficient in Swift, SwiftUI, UIKit, MVVM, RxSwift, GoogleMaps,  Swinject, Realm Database, Core Data, and Alamofire.

Experienced in creating and implementing new features, UI/UX design, and debugging.

Excellent problem-solving skills, communication skills, and the ability to work in a team.

Passionate about creating user-friendly and high-quality applications.


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Professional summary

As an experienced iOS Developer, I have worked on various technology stacks for the past two years. My expertise includes supporting legacy products with iOS 10 and launching new applications to production using SwiftUI. In addition, I have launched an open-source iOS app for the OpenEdx community.

As a hobby, I have also created two YouTube channels, one with 56,000 subscribers (Photography tutorials) and another one to practice speaking English.

Work Experience

2020 – 2022
KeyToTech (Parcel delivery APP) UiKit (MVVM + RxSwift)

- Successfully implemented a dark theme with iOS 11 support and automatic Google maps design change.
- Developed multi-account functionality with local data storage for several users on one device using Realm Database.
- Created a new section for alternative parcel recipients, including getting a list from the server, creating new entries, and editing and deleting old ones.
- Implemented an auto icon changer based on the calendar of celebrations using Realm.
- Developed a new module for displaying parcel statuses (Created, sent, delivered, etc.) and calculating the total cost of parcel delivery.
- Created a new export flow with several steps, including selecting the delivery country by searching from an array of alternate names and validating all text fields by custom rules.
- Implemented an informer of connection loss using Alamofire.

February 2022  – September 2022
KeyToTech (Socal network for charity) SwiftUI (MVVM)

- Built a user details view from scratch, allowing users to edit their information and add a new avatar and background photo.
- Implemented comment functionality for several screens, including adding, deleting, liking, and reporting comments.
- Created a sign-up screen for three different user types (User, temple, and organization).
- Developed a search flow using server requests and sorting results by churches, users, posts, and organizations.

September 2022 – present
Brand new OpenEdx iOS App.

Developed a new app from scratch using SwiftUI and UIKit navigation controller, separated by frameworks.
- Implemented a forum with functionality for liking, adding comments and responses, favorites, appeals, etc.
- Developed a YouTube player with autoplay by device rotation and a download video manager for offline viewing.Injected custom CSS in HTML to accept custom application fonts, scaling, picture sizing, and color theme changing.
- Implemented autoupdate cookies for WebView elements and created UnitTests using SwiftyMocky.
- Developed user registration functionality with fields validation, auto-scrolling to wrong fields, and server-side determination of the number and type of fields.
- Implemented an offline mode using Core Data.